Protect your building




With our punch cutting tools we offer our customers a further first rate product.
A successful partnership with our customers is our uttermost ambition. To maintain this, we develop individually adjusted die cutting tools for the rational production in the window- and facade construction.

werkzeug1.jpg (7623 Byte)
Punch cutter to
punch handle hole

werkzeug2.jpg (8548 Byte)
Punch cutter for
hinge gap recess

werkzeuge.jpg (7590 Byte)

Univeral cutting tool

- to punch handle hole
- for punching hole into
  linkage incl. cutting
- for opening of linkage

werkzeug4.jpg (8264 Byte)
Punch cutter for glas-
notch ventilation

werkzeug7.jpg (8610 Byte)
Punch cutter for push
rod release

werkzeug6.jpg (7890 Byte)
Punch cutter for
opening of linkage canal
and for punching hole into linkage


werkzeug5.jpg (7896 Byte)
Punch cutter for
connector hole


werkzeug8.jpg (7451 Byte)
Punch cutter for facade

werkzeug9.jpg (6601 Byte)
Punch cutter for water
drainage hole

This is just a small extract of our product range. For further information, please get in contact with us.