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Premium folding door hardware

Folding door hardware creates a window (-door) of which sashes can be folded together, creating a maximum of opening to really bring the outside in!


  • Carriages with double row wheels for improved stability
  • Both top hung or bottom supported possible, depending on the profile system design.
  • Durable stainless steel or synthetic wheels with stainless steel bearings
  • Guiding hinges with stainless steel axle.
  • max. weight per sash: 80 kg
  • max. dimensions - width: 400 - 900 mm, heigth: 1.000 - 3.000 mm, depending profile system.
  • Adjustability hinges - height: +/- 3 mm, lateral: +/- 1 mm
  • Adjustability locking points: +/- 2 mm